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Road to Recovery CDL Initiative

Road to Recovery CDL Initiative empowers the homeless and formerly incarcerated with CDL training and job placement. Through outreach, training, and supportive services, we provide a pathway to economic independence. Join us in transforming lives and addressing workforce shortages, fostering a more inclusive society and brighter future for all.

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A unique solution for transitioning out of homelessness 

We recognize that addressing the complex needs of our participants is essential for their success as they transition out of homelessness and incarceration. Our innovative program provides a distinctive solution by offering a pathway to economic empowerment through truck driving. This career not only offers stable employment but also unique opportunities such as becoming owner-operators, providing both travel and shelter as truck drivers can often stay in their vehicles for extended periods. With a focus on outreach, training, and support services, Road to Recovery CDL Initiative empowers individuals to achieve economic stability and social inclusion within our community.


Homelessness remains a complex issue, often stemming from a variety of challenges like mental health issues and systemic inequalities. Our homeless outreach initiative goes beyond immediate aid, seeking to empower individuals through job training programs. We specifically target those interested in becoming truck drivers, recognizing the potential for stable employment in this field. Our outreach efforts extend to formerly incarcerated individuals, acknowledging the additional barriers they face. Through tailored support and training, we aim to provide not only skills but also dignity and self-sufficiency. Join us in creating pathways to success for those in need, fostering stability and empowerment in their lives.

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Hope Dealer Challenging Stigmas and fostering opportunity

The absence of hope and opportunity often leads to homelessness and crime, posing risks to community safety. Job training programs offer crucial solutions, addressing root causes and providing pathways to stability. Empowering individuals with employment opportunities not only breaks cycles of despair but also enhances overall community security and well-being.

What we do 

  • Partner with local food banks, community outreach organizations, mental health originations, probation & parole officers, shelters, local reentry programs to find candidates that are looking for job training and interested in a career in trucking. 

  • Partner with trucking associations and companies to train drivers on both the written and driving portion of the test. 

  • Partner with local trucking companies & job placement agencies to identify opportunities for employment after program completion. 

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